Please abide by the following policies when joining a class or putting your name on a waiting list

Cycle Room Rules

– New clients arrive 15 minutes early for comfy & safe bike setup
– We want to focus on YOU – No Cell Phones
– Put weights away after class
– Spray and wipe seats and handle bars after class with our yummy Eucalyptus spray!

Membership Auto-Renew Terms

Our auto-renew Unlimited Membership is an easy no-hassle, no contract agreement.  Your first payment will be pro-rated, and your full Membership fee will be deducted on the 1st of each month.  If you need to change or cancel your membership, please notify us in writing by the 15th of the month prior to the month you need to modify; otherwise the Membership will continue to auto-renew.

Waitlist Policy

Please help us get everybody into class that needs a spot! When you “Join the Waitlist”, you will get an email once you have received a spot. If you are ‘hitting the bed’, or changed your mind, and you know you will not be waking up to check your email for an open spot — you must remove yourself from the waitlist (btw, there are several cancellations overnight, and early in the morning, so you JUST MIGHT GET IN).

If you DO get a spot overnight, last minute/5 minutes before class starts, etc., we assume you WANT it since you are STILL on the waitlist, and we WILL NOT give it away to the others that are STILL patiently waiting. SO, you are now on the roster, and we are so glad you got in!  Cancellation fees apply.

Class Start/On-Time Policy

If you are running late to class, please call us before CLASS START TIME or it is assumed to be a no-show. Bikes will be given away to waitlist when class starts and cancellations fees apply.  If late, please take a bike in the back.  No entry 10 minutes after class.  If you need to leave early, please inform the instructor before class begins.

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