About Us


Company Overview

Revolutionizing the fitness industry with our CRAZY Hard + CRAZY Fun Workouts, Tetra Fitness is a locally-owned gym that puts a strong emphasis on group fitness. With  Tetra’s Synergy of  Cardiovascular, Strength, Joint Alignment, and Nutrition, we have created a one-stop shop to make you unstoppable for whatever your fitness goals may be! Our intense and highly-effective 50-75 minute group classes are led by only elite instructors to guarantee a muscle-toning, fat-burning workout. Your time is precious, so why waste an hour with a weak barely-break-a-sweat workout when you can work hard, play hard + be social?! 

There are a variety of companies in the fitness industry that operate independently of each other: Cross Fit™, spinning studios, boot camps, personalized training, running clubs, yoga and dance studios. Tetra Fitness believes creating a facility that coordinates these services within a single building is more efficient and offers more long-term opportunities for the fitness and health goals of its clients. Tetra Fitness believes that the current concept of a gym can be significantly enhanced to produce a greater impact on the fitness levels of members. A typical gym works extremely hard to convince a customer to become a member, but once they are members, customers often feel lost and ignored. The end result is the majority of members don’t meet their fitness goals. Some of the unique aspects of the Tetra Studio will include:

Be Social. Individuals who work out with others tend to stick with it longer and achieve greater levels of fitness than those who try to brave it on their own. Given the studio is focused on group fitness individuals will be encouraged to help motivate each other to work out harder and more often.

Be Different. The overall culture of the gym will be one where members will expect a fun, light-hearted, slightly wacky culture where members are not afraid to have fun and laugh.

Be Creative. The employees of the studio will be encouraged (and expected) to be creative to keep the culture fun and to come up with new ideas for classes/activities that will encourage members to work out more often. This fun culture and creativity will fuel improvements in classes and new workout techniques. A high level of attention will be given towards finding employees who personify the culture.

Crazy Hard, Crazy Fun.  Workouts will be intense and participants will be inspired to work hard in group classes that all have a focus on four aspects:  cardiostrength, flexibility and joint mobility. And of course, although CRAZY HARD, we intend to make the workouts CRAZY fun!