Class Description


Our indoor CYCLE class is an intense 50 minute indoor cycling workout.  Sweat like crazy and burn a ton of calories to powerful music that takes you through hills, intervals and 5k, 10k or even 22k “races” on the bike.  Are you ready for the RACE?

Total Body Cycle

We put you on a bike with dumbbells, and take you through a 50 minute Cycle workout with intervals that include military presses, side raises, bicep curls, tricep extensions and various upper body exercises that will shoot your calorie-burning through the roof.  And, by the way, you will feel some MAJOR CORE and arm tone from this workout.

Cycle + Core

Burn off that weekend energy plus a lot of muscles in this 60 minute class that starts with 50 minutes of fun & high intensity cycling and then transitions into a push up/core BURNing workout.

Extended Cycle

Extended Cycle is an intense 75 minute indoor cycling workout set to inspiring music and fun, crazy hard intervals and drills.  Are you needing that EXTRA burn?


Also known as a bike+run or “brick”, different route every week — 50 minutes cycling + 2 – 3 mile run.  It will be your FAVORITE workout of the week!

Half & Half

30 minutes of cardio plus 30 minutes of muscular segment focus (arms, legs, core, or glutes). We move quickly from exercise to exercise to keep the heart pumping and the fat burning! Variations are below and specified in the online schedule:
Cycle & Weights | Cycle & Arms | Cycle & Barefoot Burn | Cycle & Weights | Cardio & Core | Cardio & Weights

B.A.R.E.foot Burn*

Barefoot Aerobic Rejuvenating Excruciating

This one is for those days you want an intense workout WITHOUT the IMPACT.  Plus, we all need to focus on flexibility, but sometimes 60 minutes is all you have to get it all in…so come to this heated class to get your sweat on with a lot of calorie burning, stretching, balance work, toning for all the connective tissues, core strengthening, and corrective exercises for the feet.  Improving the mobility in the joints of your feet will affect your entire structure from head to toe, but who makes time for that?!?  We do!  Oh, and this is not only rejuvenating, you will leave with a relaxed feeling that only comes from excruciatingly hard work.

Sweaty Weights

“I want muscle tone, but how do I also decrease my body fat with limited time?”

Then Sweaty Weights is for you! In this 60 min group workout you’ll strength and tone every single muscle in your body:  legs, arms, core, front, back, under, over.  Exercises are designed in a format that keeps the heart pumping and complimentary muscle groups working the entire time.  In this class you will get in the intense muscular work, and get the bonus of hard core calorie burning.


Circuits Circuits Circuits!  You will LOVE this constantly changing, upper body to lower body to cardio — set after timed set of full-body blasting EXERCISES!

TETRAchallenge Boot Camp (Extra fee, not on Unlimited or Tetra Series)

Monthly Sessions meet Mon/Wed/Fri 6 – 7:15am, 10 meetings per session

Mondays:   Hills, Drills and Speed workout
Wednesdays: Resistance & Strength
Fridays:   Boot Camp Style workout

THIS crazy hard, crazy fun workout will change you, your body and your lifestyle.  Weekend workouts and challenges will be assigned throughout the month for those that want to TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL  Commit to one month, and you won’t be able to live without it!  Are you ready for THE CHALLENGE?  Email for more info.


*Mat required; Rentals Available for $2