30-Day Challenge starts 9/2

30 Classes, 30 Days, 3 Nutrition Challenges/week

you have talked about it, planned to do it, started it, didn't finish it?
your best, healthiest, strongest, most ripped YOU!


About Us

Revolutionizing the fitness industry with our CRAZY Hard + CRAZY Fun Workouts, Tetra Fitness is a locally-owned gym that puts a strong emphasis on group fitness. With  Tetra's Synergy of  Cardiovascular, Strength, Joint Alignment, and Nutrition, we have created a one-stop shop to make you unstoppable for whatever your fitness goals may be! Our intense and highly-effective 50-75 minute group classes are led by only elite instructors to guarantee a muscle-toning, fat-burning workout. Your time is precious, so why waste an hour with a weak barely-break-a-sweat workout when you can work hard, play hard + be social?! 

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