Austin's tough workout destination! Tetra is known for intensity + awesome music + Austin's best instructors = fun, hard, and never the same workouts!

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We have everything you need: Cardio, Strength, Flexibility

Total Body Cycle

Our signature 50-minute cycle class blending rhythm-based jogs, sprints, climbs and upper body exercises with dumbbells ranging from 2lb – 8lb!  Each bike provides RPMs that we match with the beat to move and motivate you.  All levels welcome. Athletic shoes can be strapped into our pedals, or bring your cycle shoes (SPD Cleats) and clip in.

Total Body Cycle + Core

Total Body Cycle with a BONUS!  This class is a 50-minute Total Body Cycle that finishes with a 10 minute intense abdominal workout! All levels welcome. Athletic shoes can be strapped into our pedals, or bring your cycle shoes (SPD Cleats) and clip in.

Extended Cycle

This 75-minute cycle class is a combination of full-body rhythmic drills AND athletic endurance intervals. Throughout the class, we are following our odometers and working for the “30K SUNDAY” distance challenge. All levels are welcome, and it’s no problem to stop at 15K, 20K or 25K if you need to leave early — just let us know before class! Athletic shoes can be strapped into our pedals, or bring your cycle shoes (SPD Cleats) and clip in.

Half & Half: 30 Cycle + 30 Weights

Our 60-minute “HALF CYCLE + HALF WEIGHTS” class … starts with 30-minutes of indoor high intensity interval cycling, then transitions to 30 more minutes of whole body strength and resistance. All levels welcome. Athletic shoes required for the second half (it’s OFF THE BIKE) and cycle shoes can be used in the first half but not required.

Barefoot Cardio Burn

Our very own UNIQUE 60-minute heated (85 degrees) indoor barefoot workout with light weights, medium weights and tons of bodyweight exercises — but WITHOUT the IMPACT. Get your sweat on with stretching, balance work, toning for all the connective tissues, core strengthening, calorie-burning and corrective exercises for the feet. All levels welcome. Bring a Yoga/Pilates mat. We have mats to rent!  No shoes required.


This very popular 60-minute circuit training class combines powerful strength work, plus plyometrics and agility drills — an exercise for every single muscle in your body! Timed set rotations include constantly changing exercises from upper body to lower body to cardio. All levels welcome. Athletic shoes required.


Our 60-minute interval training class that mixes cardio conditioning & core-intensive full body exercises. Most exercises are with body weight but we also use bars, medicine balls, bands & dumbbells that will ensure a challenge you just can’t get working out alone. All levels welcome! Be ready, it’s part outside and part inside. Athletic shoes required.

Sweaty Weights

Our signature 60-minute weight training class with various interval strength and toning exercises for every single muscle in your body (i.e. legs, arms, back, core, etc.). Exercises are designed in a format that keeps the heart pumping and complimentary muscle groups working the entire time. All levels welcome. Athletic shoes required.


Our 75-minute indoor and outdoor high intense interval workout that will change you, your body and your lifestyle. Mondays = hills, drills and speed. Wednesdays = resistance and strength. Fridays = boot-camp style. Drop in’s welcomed. Option to commit to one month and weekend workouts and challenges will be assigned throughout the month for those that want to take it to the next level! All levels welcome. Athletic shoes required.
Our Instructors

Kathy Redden

Kathy has been leading group exercise classes for over 20 years. She has created dozens of class formats and has been “teaching teachers to be teachers” since she started into the fitness profession. Kathy is usually labeled as extremely intense; however, plan to get so connected to the music that you blow your so-called limits out the door. Kathy’s clients get RESULTS, so let’s get this party started!

Christine West

Christine has been leading group exercise for over 10 years. Her workouts incorporate a lot of plyometric power exercises — you will see, CHRISTINE is STRONG! She also has an extensive yoga training background, so she often leads isometric strength moves and high repetition exercises. Christine is very “hands on” and typically performs all exercises with the class, which pushes everyone to attempt to do as much as she’s doing. She keeps you on your toes. You never know what she’ll throw at you!

Emily Bregger

Emily is a certified Yoga Instructor and a Boot Camp enthusiast…the perfect combo for BAREFOOT BURN! Come check her out 8:30am on Sundays or 7:00pm on Tuesdays!

Alexis Ruch

Lexi has been with Tetra since the beginning. She is in the tech world by day, and delivering the Tetra Tough workout specialty class, Barefoot Burn.


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1717 West 6th St #110R Austin, TX 78703 Right by COVER 3!

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TETRA Fitness is located on W 6th Street next to Cover 3.  FREE PARKING is convenient and always available in the parking garage connected to our location!

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